Friday Five: Five Holiday Traditions

It’s Friday link up day with Mar, Cynthia, Courtney and more!

As we continue our countdown to Christmas (7 days!), let us go over some fun holiday traditions that I do:

1) Celebrating with friends: normally we split Thanksgiving and Christmas between close family friends – they host Thanksgiving, we do Christmas dinner. Unfortunately, they’ll be celebrating with their son in Florida so we have to push back our official Christmas dinner to New Year ’s Day.

2) Holiday movies: It’s just not Christmas unless you watch A Christmas Story, How a Grinch Stole Christmas (animated only), A Charlie Brown Christmas and of course, A Muppet’s Christmas Carol.

3) Staying in: I never go out on New Year’s Eve. Just not into it. I like to spend it inside, eating Outback take-away and watching the Twilight Zone marathon. Call me a loser if you’d like at least I’m not on the road.

4) Reading: Christmas and New Year’s is really my only time to get some reading in since I don’t normally take-off during the holiday season (year end giving for this fundraiser!)

5) Buying the cats their presents the day after Christmas when cat toys go on sale: It’s not like they know the difference.

What are your holiday traditions?

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Holy Shit, Lia Sophia is Going Out of Business!

So, pyramid schemes. Or rather, MLMs (multi-level marketing). I like some and others I find to be outright useless. I don’t mind Mary Kay, my kitchen is decked out in Pamper Chef, and as an upper middle class white woman, I’m sure I’m required by law to like candles, so Scentsy is ok by me.

But what I love is jewelry parties. Yes, it’s just expensive costume jewelry that I could probably get for cheaper elsewhere. But I decided my purchases by cost per wear. So if I like something enough to wear regularly I shall purchase it, regardless if it comes from a pyramid scheme or not. I just won’t sell it.

But with Lia Sophia officially going out of business and finally selling stuff online and not through a person, I’m excited to load up on things I wouldn’t buy at a higher price. Oh, the excitement!

Here’s some of the things I’m getting:

ravinia_ear_SE5__26090.1415832845.500.500 FW12_ethereal__61165.1415656326.1280.1280 blue_sky_neck_fw13__83419.1415491811.500.500 blue_sky_ear_fw13__28619.1415560806.1280.1280 peach_fizz_necklace_SS12__88405.1415551755.500.500 grape_drop_fw13__54022.1415547831.500.500
What do you think?

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What I’m listening to lately…

So I’ve been on a musical kick lately. Normally I listen to internet shows during work but since I’ve been insanely productive, I’ve switched over to youtube. Here’s what I’m jamming to:

What have you been listening to?

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Friday Five: Favorite Winter Activities

It’s been awhile, but I’m jumping back into blogging with a Friday Five with Courtney, Mar, and Cynthia!

I hate winter. I’m sorry but I do. I’m sure all your winter apologists are jumping to my commenting system right after my insult. /sarcasm.

But seriously, I think it all goes downhill after Halloween, my favorite holiday. However, if I had to pick five ok things about winter they would be…

1) Christmas! Duh, I love Christmas time. Family time and presents (preferably cold hard cash)? Sign me up!

2) Rumnog. Sadly, the only acceptable time to have rumnog appears to be during the holiday season. When will society accept rumnog year round? A loss for us all.

3) Holiday specials. Look, I even liked the Grumpy Cat Christmas Special. It was fun. However, my favorites are Charlie Brown, animated Grinch, Muppets Christmas Carol and of course, a Christmas Story.

4) Time to buy a new planner! I’m such a dork. I picked out this one from Erin Condren.

5) Snow boats! I hate snow, but love snow boats. I just like stomping around.

What is your favorite/least favorite thing about winter?

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5 Things I Can’t Live Without

So I’ve been in a life rut lately. Remember when I said I was ok with turning 30? Turns out I’m not! The reality of it has hit me like a ton of bricks lately. I feel pretty unaccomplished and like I haven’t contributed to anything. I’m trying to change that through volunteering, getting more involved with the organizations I belong to and going back to school.

So I’m turning to a blogging prompt to get me out of this blogging rut: 5 things I can’t live without. It’s a start.

1) My cell phone
2) The internet, especially Wikipedia
3) My cats
4) Books
5) Money, duh


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