April 17th, 2015

Five things Friday

Happy Friday! I feel that more and more often I’m greeting Friday with exhaustion. I don’t know if it’s the stress of my job or my personal life (being in the middle of a potential move) but I’ve been looking forward to the weekend now more than ever.

To recap my week, here are five things…

1) I got to hang out with my buddy Sean at the Tea Room in Shepherdstown, WV. I have the Portobello panni with some green tea. Yum!

2) I went to a Mary Kay party at my friend Erica’s house and got some stuff. Yea, some people may think it’s a pyramid scheme but I honestly really enjoy the makeup. It’s one of the few that doesn’t cause me to break out.

3) I had brunch with my Delta Zeta alumnae group at Town Hall in Georgetown. I had a Town Hall (eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries and toast) along with a mimosa.

4) After brunch, we all went exploring the Dumbarton Gardens, which were gorgeous and ripe for many of photoshoots. Now’s the perfect time to go and see all the flowers.

5) On Tuesday, I had my monthly Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) meeting, which was all about Centennial Congress (an annual weeklong meeting where members come from all over to our national headquarters in DC). After the meeting, we all walked over to our usual hangout, the Lincoln. Appropriate, since it also happened to be President Lincoln’s last day alive (or last full day, rather).

In other news, I’m finally returning back to the animal shelter this weekend to volunteer. I love helping the cats find homes and just playing with cats that are grateful for my love. (Unlike my two cats, who barely care. Jerks.) Also, I’ve been good about keeping up with my exercise routine and with counting my steps, thanks to my new fitbit. I’ve been really good with staying in check with my budget as well. Overall, a productive week.

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April 13th, 2015

Why I’m a fundraiser

I never set out to be a fundraising professional. Originally, I wanted to follow Samantha Jones and Brian McKinney’s lead and go into PR. Of course, using TV characters for professional role models is silly for all kinds of reasons but mostly because PR can be really unstable when a recession hits. Which it did, when I graduated in December 2008.

With all hope of getting a PR job full time pretty much out the window, I set about getting some internships. These later led to a position in the Advancement and Alumni Office of a university as the alumni relations and special event coordinator. While there, I was exposed to the world of fundraising, which I never really considered as a career choice. For me, it wasn’t one of those jobs that kids and teens set out to do, like doctor, lawyer, vet, etc.

But fundraising was a-highering and PR was not. So into the field I went. And I enjoyed it! I get to work with people, write appeals and raise money for a cause. It’s the perfect fit for me. Plus, there’s a lot of room for growth and change. I get bored easily and fundraising for nonprofits has been able to hold my attention span.There’s also of course the feel good mood I get when I help people advance causes they care about. In my view, money is a necessary evil – why not turn it into something good?

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One Response to “Why I’m a fundraiser”

  1. Christine says:

    Isn’t it cool when something that seems bad turns out so well?

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April 10th, 2015

I’m on a budget

They, whoever they are, say that the key to happiness is to buy experiences rather than stuff. Now I totally agree with that but for the longest time I was extremely materialistic. I have credit card debt because I just had to have the latest gadgets, clothing, eat out all the time, etc. However, if there’s one thing (and only thing really) that I’ve been consistent about in 2015 is sticking to a budget. Mostly because I have the fear of god put into with my roommate deciding to live with her boyfriend and my decision to live on my own.

So now I’m saving my pennies because my rent is going to raise significantly and I can’t eat out like I used to, I can’t throw my money away on clothes that I wear once, and I can’t just up and leave when I feel like it. Got to be more strategic and spread out my spending a little bit more. After all, I want to live a great life and I’ll need money to do that.

So I’m looking for some tricks and tips on how to stay on a budget. I downloaded the software program You Need a Budget and I’m using a trial run of it. I can’t really get into until the 15th which is my next payday since I got no money right now (just paid off an installment of China.)

Any other suggestions?

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April 8th, 2015

Nostalgic book series: The Baby-Sitters Club

Recently, I stumbled across WhatIReadBackThen, where the writer is recapping books she read in her youth. One of her posts was about today’s lack of book series featuring girl groups doing stuff. The 80s and 90s were all about that stuff! I was such a massive book worm but there was nothing I loved more than a good book series featuring girls doing stuff. So I’m going to randomly talk about some for the next few weeks or so. And of course the first one must be…

The Baby-Sitters Club by Ann M. Martin.


The holy grail in my opinion. This book series, if you somehow missed growing up in the 90s, is about a group of girls who form a club focused on what else? Baby-sitting. In case you didn’t read them, they were really simple books to pick up on and there was of course a girl for you to relate to.

Kristy – President of the club and tomboy with a millionaire for a stepfather.

Claudia – Vice President, due to the fact she had her own phone line (I wonder how the club would work now with the spread of cell phones), and an artist with an obvious learning disability that is never treated for some reason.

Mary Anne – Secretary, extremely shy, and yet the only one with an OMG steady boyfriend.

Stacey – Treasurer and fashionista from New York City.

Dawn – Alternate officer, meaning she took over if a position if someone was sick or something, which basically meant she didn’t do anything for the club. Hippie from California who eventually got her own spin off series.

Mallory – Junior member (meaning she can’t sit at night alone) and book worm. I always got the feeling that Ann M. Martin didn’t care for her.

Jessi – Junior member, dancer and black. Seriously, that’s pretty much it.

There were others but that was basically the main line up for most of the series.

This book series went on forever, had super specials, a line of mystery books, a movie and a TV show based on it and even dolls and of course, I had them all. Fact, I was apart of the Baby-Sitters Club Fan Club and remember receiving three books a month until the club folded. Sadly, my original books got lost in a move and I had to start my collection all over, which is currently sitting at my mom’s house in storage. Thanks mom!

Such was my obsession with the Baby-Sitters Club that when the movie came out, my mom was able to get an original movie poster for me. I finally threw the ripped thing away a month ago. But the books will never leave my possession (um, except for now, since they’re at my mom’s house.)

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One Response to “Nostalgic book series: The Baby-Sitters Club”

  1. Farrah says:

    hahaha, I used to read that series all the time too! :] I got the feeling that Ann M. Martin didn’t care much about Mallory either. :/ Or Jessi, all that much. It’s sad that they never addressed Claudia’s dyslexia!

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April 6th, 2015

On Getting Motivated

I was never particularly good at school. Blame it on pressure to succeed and scared to live up to that, blame it on undiagnosed ADD. Or blame on me being lazy. Whatever the reason, I wasn’t very good at it.

Somehow I ended up at Shepherd College (later renamed Shepherd University after my freshmen year), I think mostly due to my SATs. (I’ve always been a good tester. Completing assignments, not so much.) There, I ran into the same problem I’ve always had with school – it was hard to be motivated about anything. I was a communications major with a minor in English (ha, can’t you tell from my great writing?). Or, at least that’s what I ended up graduating with. Along the way I studied history, women’s studies, sociology, etc. I tried all the majors like free samples at Costco.

I think the only reason I graduated with a degree and somewhat decent grades is because I joined a sorority my sophomore year. Delta Zeta held me to standards that actually left an impact on me. If I wanted to stay in it, I had to do the work. There were consequences I actually cared about. Failure was not an option.

I applied this to my work life as well. If I wanted something I cared about – and I deeply care about money because money = able to live + pets + stuff! – I work harder to get it. I’m currently trying to apply this to blog and weight loss because those are two things where the payoff isn’t quick. I didn’t gain all this weight quickly and thus, I need to except that I won’t lose it quickly. Same with blogging – it could take years for me to develop an audience.

I feel like once a month I write about getting motivated and having goals. But for some reason, it’s always been hard for me to stick with. Honestly, I’m just going to take it one small step at a time. For example, this blog post (which was supposed to be about something different altogether) should have gone up this morning. However, I’ve been having problems with my home computer and writing all my blogs for the week this past weekend didn’t happen. However, instead of just letting today go and not posting, I sat down during my lunch break and wrote this out. Small, baby steps to achieving what I want to do.

How do you stick with your goals?

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2 Responses to “On Getting Motivated”

  1. Christine says:

    I always use a reward system to complete my goals…for example, after a day of cleaning, I’ll go get my nails done or out to a nice dinner with my family!

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