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Caturday 10/11/14

You know, sometimes I sit down and go “there are just not enough cats on the internet.”

Let’s change that.

welcome to caturday

You know, one day I’ll get my photos down properly. One day formatting, I will rule you!

Anyway, as I’ve shared before, I own two cats – Forrest (tabby) and Binx. Not only are they adorable (in my unbiased opinion)  but they provide me with an endless source of entertainment, asshole-ness, and love.

So every Saturday, they get to run this blog. It shall be known as “Caturday” because I’m uncreative. (What are you going to do? Sue me?)

Last Saturday, I saw Annabelle, which is pretty much the most awesome Halloween movie (this week anyway.) However, there’s a scene in a stairwell that is terrifying. Like I’m shuddering thinking of it now.

What’s this got to do with cats? Well, if Binx looks like this in the daylight:

binxCan you image what he looks like in the middle of the night when you’re already on edge and all you can see is a shape coming up the stairs? Happy Halloween indeed.

Also,they’re useful in reminding you about why you shouldn’t drink. On Thursday, my friend Catherine invited me to see her boyfriend’s band. A few rum and cokes later, I awoke to the clingiest, nosiest creatures possible. They had surrounded me.

So those are my cats thoughts today.

How are you spending your Caturday (or non-Caturday, if you’re so unlucky)?

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Blogging Tips Round-up

Happy Friday! Cheers to another week down.

So blogging is my hobby and I’m extremely interested in expanding the empire of Blogs Like a Girl, so if you blog about blogging, I’m there! Below are my favorite posts on the state of blogging. (Sidenote: I wonder how many times I can say “blogging.”)

Blogging 101: Creating a Custom Email Signature by Love the Here and Now. Seems so simple in retrospect but hell, I didn’t know how to do it.

10 Things I Wish I Told Myself When I Started Blogging by the Grits Blog. This was a common one this week but I think Ash’s take on it was my favorite. Yes, even more than mine.

10 Ways to Grow Your Pinterest Following by Life Could Be a Dream. Pinterest is such a foreign concept to me and I know I’m not utilizing it correctly. This post is a god send.

How to Run a Kick Butt Sponsorship Program by Becoming Adorrable. Sponsorship is completely outside my scope at this point but Becca has such helpful tips. Bonus: discounts on sponsorship packages for some great blogs.

Creating a Social Media Plan by Girl on the Move. Julie is doing a month long series of posts on how to create a social media plan. Simply vital for every blogger.

And while I’m here, have a look at some great posts that weren’t about blogging but I enjoyed this week.

The Best Halloween Costume Ever by All That’s Glittered.

Why Representation Matters by Awash with Wonder

True Life: I’m 23 years old and already crippled by debt by In-Between Life

What were your favorite posts this week?


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If I was President…

When I was growing up, I never really felt that I could be president. One, every kid wanted to be President – even then I knew my odds were for shit. Two, as a woman, I felt disadvantaged. And three, who the fuck would want to be President anyway? I mean, its kind of a thankless job.

But since this blog is my fantasy land and in fantasy land, being President wouldn’t be a thankless job and everything would be perfect, I’ll tell you what I would do if I was President.

if i was president

1) Legalize gay marriage. You don’t have to have one, you don’t have to acknowledge that your neighbor had one. But you can’t stand in the way of love. In the Blogs Like a Girl Administration, love is love as long as its between consenting adults.

2) Make public colleges free for everyone as long as they maintain a certain GPA. I went to college in WV, where WV students who went to a WV school were eligible for a program called Promises, which help pay for their education as long as they maintained a certain GPA. And holy shit, look at that sentence. Maybe I shouldn’t comment on education policies. Oh well, in fantasy land, I write perfectly! Anyway, we would have a similar program.

3) Harsher penalties for rapists. Not to get too serious in fantasy land, but its disturbing how few people who commit rape will ever see time. I plan on putting more focus on testing and clearing out rape kits in order to bring more people to justice.

4) Since we’re on serious topic time, there will be no question of a person’s right to make their own medical decisions without interference during the Blogs Like a Girl Administration. I know its controversial and may lose me some followers but here at Blogs Like a Girl, I believe we must always err on the side of caution and let people make their own educated decisions about their bodies.

5) On a less serious note, all eagles will be replaced by cats. The Egyptians had it right. Cats are to be revered.

What would you do if you were President?

Helene in Between Blogtober
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Working for the Weekend: College Jobs

Happy hump day! I’ve been sick most of this week and am just now recovering. I hope y’all are doing much better than I was.

I’ve been thinking a lot of about my career and the direction I’d like it to take. I’ve posted already about how I’m a fundraiser for a medical foundation and like to turn that into working for an organization focused on women’s issues. Additionally, I’ve been watching a lot of Greek and making me think about the jobs I had before my “career” started.

college jobs

Bookseller – my first job was for Books-a-Million. I didn’t get my driver’s license until my sophomore year of college, so I didn’t work in high school other than baby-sitting gigs. I actually really enjoyed being a bookseller because in our down time we were allowed to read and borrow books. I eventually quit because I was tired of driving back on the weekends from school.

Receptionist – My issues with weight have been a life long thing and in high school I started Jenny Craig. During one summer of college, I had the chance to be a receptionist for them and I took it for the discount. Another gig I eventually stopped because of college.

College Info Center Gal – Officially, it was my job to dispense information about various stuff around campus and hand out ping-pong paddles to students. I experimented with bouts of immaturity during school like everyone else and eventually quit because I didn’t want to get up at 8am every morning.

Claire’s Assistant Manager - I like to think that I’m normal and therefore everyone has a period where they would like to return to every so often. Working at Claire’s while going to school and pledging my sorority is that time for me. I loved working there but got pushed out hours wise and ended up moving to greener pastures.

Hostess/Take Away Gal at Outback – Man, did I hate being a hostess. And believe it or not but I didn’t always have such a winning personality. So when they offered me a better gig as the Take Away Gal that took orders and watched the Take Away Guys fill them, I jumped at the chance. Plus, free food! One summer I stayed at school for an internship that ended up falling through and thus took half my pay check with it. It was the poorest I’ve ever been and my cat Forrest landed in my lap too. So some days I relied on left over clam chowder and bread to eat.

Waitress at the Tea Room – I eventually left Outback for more money working at the local Tea Room. I grew to hate it but hey, at least I have all this knowledge about tea in my head!

Waitress at Outback - I “famously” (IE obnoxiously) tell people when I graduated, I applied for a job at Outback as a waitress the next day but really, it was the summer before I graduated. When I only had two classes left to complete, I moved back home since I wasn’t eligible for on-campus housing and couldn’t afford to live off-campus. Thankfully, I lived an hour from school, had some internships in addition to the Outback gig and made it to graduation day in one piece. I eventually left Outback because I needed a 9-5 like whoa and my dad, who owned a government consulting company, needed an assistant. So it was off to the “real” world.

What college jobs did you have?


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